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AMT Electronics SY-1 Stutterfly – Digital Delay

Stut, stut, stut, stut, …. STUTTERFLY!

AMT Electronics SY-1 has all the features of a delay pedal that modern guitarists are looking for, all in a small compact enclosure that will fit easily on any pedalboard.

Most delays include the standard time, feedback, and level controls. AMT recognized the need for a few extra options that would greatly improve the versitility and flexibility of the pedal. The Stutterfly delay also includes an added TONE control, MIX feature, and MOD adjustment; usually only found on more expensive/larger sized units.

Sounds great with both clean AND overdriven distorted guitar signals.

The unit is based upon the high-quality DSP providing wide dynamic range of the device. Delay sweep from 30 milliseconds up to 1 second. The original circuitry design developed by АМТ experts resulted in insignificant current consumption (less than 36mА).

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LEVEL controls the overall level output of the pedal.

TIME controls the length of the time in between delay repeats. Maximum delay time is 1 second.

FB FEEDBACK adjusts the number of repeats that are played back.

MIX control allows the user to blend the original dry signal with the reverb wet signal. A must have feature for getting that perfect mix.

TONE knob allows the user to adjust the overall tone of the delayed signal. This does NOT affect the overall output signal, only the repeats. Achieve and replicate any style of delay from warm analog, creamy tape, to brighter tighter delays as well.

MOD is a feature allowing the addition of modulation into the delayed repeats. This feature can also be bypassed by rotating it entirely left. Add a hint of tape modulation, wobble, or chorus type effect to the delay.

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CONTROLSLevel, Time, FB Feedback, Mix, Tone, Mod
True BypassYes
Inputs and outputs1x Mono Input, 1x Mono Output
Power typeDC 9V – 12V (-) center negative
Adapter includedNo
Country of originRussia


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