AMT Electronics Pangaea VC-16

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AMT Electronics Pangaea VC-16

AMT PANGAEA VIRGIN CAB VC16 is an IR cabinet simulator for individual practice, Live gigs, and recording. The device has a universal interface of the AMT Bricks series of the devices, which lets you combine the devices of this series in the easily controllable complex. The input attenuator lets you use the device not only with line-level signals but with power amps output signals. The device main outputs can be used either in balanced or unbalanced modes.

Needless to say, the electric guitar tone is defined by many components, such as a guitar itself, an amp, a cabinet with speakers and a mic. The new AMT Electronics PANGAEA VIRGIN CAB VC16 can emulate the sound of any miked guitar cab, whose Impulse Responses (IRs) are free or commercially available on the Internet and can be easily loaded to the Pangaea via USB.

Connecting the VirginCab VC16 to a computer does not require any additional software: the device is recognized by a computer as the USB flash drive. Loaded IRs can be tweaked by adjusting their VOLUME level, EQ and early reflections amount (FX ROOM).


Cabinet simulation

IR impulsy

Load up to 16 Impulse Responses (IR) (4 banks with 4 presets each)

Footswitch change Bank A / Bank B

Bank A / Bank B

IR format

Wav, 24 bit, 48 kS / sec

DI box

For recordings, live performances, and playing via headphones

Inputs and outputs

1x Mono Input, 1x Out R, 1x Out L


Bank A, Preset A, Bank B, Preset B, Attenuation Level, Attenuation High/Low, Input Level Line/Mic



Power type

12V DC power supply

Adapter included


Other effects

Compressor, noise gate, 9 tube power amplifier modules, 5-band parametric EQ, FX room, preamp module for direct connection of an overdrive/distortion pedal)

Other features



47 x 55 x 95 mm

Country of origin




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