AMT Electronics M2

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AMT Electronics M2

Introducing the next generation of the Legend Amp series of pedals, the LA2 line. Guaranteed to be the most versatile distortion pedals on the market, offering huge tube-style saturated tone in the styles of all of your favorite high gain modern and classic amp heads.

Classic Marshall JCM800 mid-gain overdrive became popular in the 1980s. Its preamp section provides rich opportunities for a wide range of overdrive gain. M-2 shapes the structure of overdriven sound characteristic of JCM800 while maintaining ease at small gain and increased density at maximum values.

The basic concept of the preamp series is “your own sound in your pocket.”

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The distinctive feature of the series is the presence of three outputs intended for implementation of basic types of channels organisation:

– direct connection to guitar system power amp;
– connection to “clean” channel of a guitar combo or amp;
– direct connection to a mixer.

All three of these outputs can be used simultaneously. The Legend II series of pedals are a studios engineers dream come true.

When connected to the amp or a mixer La-2 acts as a two-channel preamp providing switch between clean and overdriven channels by means of a footswitch. CLEAN channel is universal for all models of the series and sounds in the style of classic Fender amps.

When using LA-2 in effect mode the “clean” channel of an external amplifier or a combo is used. Please be aware that the used combo or amplifier largely determines the resulting sound. When in effect mode the series uses “partial” active bypass, which reduces the need to minimise the length of used cables and retains the original sound of the instrument when the effect is off.


– OD LEVEL adjusts the overall loudness of the pedal output
– OD GAIN adjusts the amount of distortion and drive
– HIGH controls the amount of high frequency in the signal
– MIDDLE controls the amount of mid frequency in the signal
– BASS controls the amount of bass frequency in the signal
– CL LEVEL adjusts the buffer output of the bypassed signal, 1 o’clock positioning represents standard -10dB level
– CL BOOST SWITCH engages a boost of clean signal up to +8dB when the pedal is bypassed, making the pedal a 2-channel preamp

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Series AMT Legend Amps
Category Preamp / distortion
Other characteristics Analogue emulation of the Marshall JCM800 Amp
Number of channels 2
Controls High, Middle, Bass, OD Level, CL Level, OD Gain, CL Boost Switch
True bypass Yes
FX Loop Yes
Inputs and outputs 1x Mono Input, Cab Sim Output, Preamp Output, Drive Output
Power type 9V battery, 9-12V DC power supply
Adapter included No
Country of origin Russia


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