AMT Electronics V1

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AMT Electronics V1

AMT Legend Amps Series is 100% analogue tool to emulate tones of classic sounding amps.

AMT V1 delivers clean or slightly overdriven sound based on British VOX amplifier tone. Pedal can be connected either to power amp or directly into a mixer. In case of connection to a mixer the preamp has cabinet simulator mode. The mode can be selected by the switch located on the left panel of the device. AMT V1 can also be used as a gain boost thanks to its flexible sound controls.

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Pedal is highly suitable in the studio or live gigs and can ensure you a stable tone in various life situations. Works great with an overdrive/booster pedal in front of V-1. The bottom of AMT V-1 (under the box’s cover) has FX Loop mode switch serial/parallel which can significantly expand your choices.

Last but not least, the pedal can be used to build a multi-channel preamp from mono channel pedals of AMT Legend Amps series. For example, you can assemble a two channel preamp by connecting AMT P1 through Channel Send and Channel Return. Thus, you can switch between clean channel of V1 pedal and overdriven channel of P1.

AMT V-1 is the first among the basic modules of the entire AMT Legend Amps series. The pedal is designed around the specs of the VOX amplifier. You can use AMT V-1 to build a multi-channel preamp from mono channels of AMT Legend Amps series – P-1, B-1, M-1, R-1, S-1. The series is constantly expanding thus giving you a chance to obtain a unique 100% analog tool for your guitar sound shaping.

AMT V-1 is a preamp with internal CLEAN channel and the possibility of switching to external channel (any auxiliary overdrive effect) by means of a foot switch. AMT V-1 has the insert loop of serial type with standard -10dB level intended for connection of auxiliary effects and boosting the effect signal to standard 0dB level or higher (MASTER VOLUME), which is sufficient to operate directly with power amplifier. In case of connection to a mixer the preamp has speaker simulator mode. The mode can be selected by the switch located on the left panel of the device.

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AMT Legend Amps



Other characteristics

Analogue emulation of Fender Twin Amps

Number of channels



Level, Master Volume, Gain, Low, Mid and High

True bypass


FX Loop


Inputs and outputs

In, Out, FX Send, FX Return, Channel send, Channel return

Operating mode

Preamp / cabsim / footswitch (activation loop mode)

Power suppy

Possibility to power supply of additional two 12V devices through AMT F-1

Power type

12V adapter

Adapter included

Yes (AMT DC 12V, 1.25А AC / DC)

Country of origin



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