AMT Electronics Bricks R/S Lead

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AMT Electronics Bricks R/S Lead

The AMT Bricks series and the X-Lead / X-Clean tube preamps’ line are expanding constantly. Small dimensions, versatility, and “adult” sound – under this motto the new line of pedals was created.

AMT Bricks R/S-LEAD – Red-channel overdrive is used in one of the most popular hi-gain amps by Mesa Boogie / S – Soldano drive channel.

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The pedal can control other devices or be controlled by other devices. It has special CTRL A and CTRL B connectors.

X-Lead/X-Clean preamps can be used as separate devices, as well as a group of preamps connected in a serial chain (both via the audio path and the control connectors CTRL A and CTRL B). In the latter case, turning on any preamp in the chain will turn off all other connected preamps, that is, they’ll be switched to TRUE BYPASS mode. Thus, without the use of any external devices, it is possible to implement a multichannel preamp from almost any reasonable number of preamps of the X-Lead/X-Clean line, switched by the “one of” rule.

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Series AMT Preamp Bricks
Category Tube preamp
Other characteristics Analogue emulation of the Mesa Boogie Rectifier / Soldano Amp
Number of channels 1
Controls Level, Treble, Middle, Bass, Gain
Switch R (Rectifier) / S (Soldano), Drive / Preamp
Connectors CTRL A a CTRL B
True bypass Yes
Inputs and outputs 1x Mono Input, 1x Mono Output
Power type 12V DC power supply (negative polarity inside)
Adapter included No
Dimensions 55 x 95 x 47 mm
Country of origin Russia
Weight 0.27 kg


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